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The traditional real estate model has changed. Save thousands and thousands by eliminating real estate agent fees. RE360, Inc. helps you list your home, advertise/market your home and negotiate with buyers. Our last customer saved over $22,000.

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How Does Selling Your Home With RE360, Inc. Work?


  • Collect documents.
  • Welcome call with RE360, Inc.
  • Go over game plan.

List Home.

  • List home on the MLS.
  • List home on RE360, Inc listings.
  • Aggressively market home.

Receive Offers.

  • Offer contingencies?
  • Assess net proceeds.
  • Assess buyer pre-approval.

Negotiate Sale.

  • Negotiate terms.
  • Counter-offer and changes.
  • Accept offer.

Customary Paperwork.

  • Document retrieval.
  • Title.
  • Contracts.


  • Home inspection.
  • Appraisal.
  • Closing Day!

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See a home you love and want to write an offer now? You can do it here at RE360. Our team of professionals will review your offer before submitting to the seller.

Our purpose is to make sure your terms are clear, you're legally protected, and being provided instant feedback from the seller. And...we will give you 50% of the commission at closing.

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Use the calculator below to find out how much you can save by using RE360, Inc. Save thousands by not using a real estate agent.


Save Thousands When Buying And Selling Your Home With RE360, Inc.

Working with a real estate agent is no longer your only option when it comes to buying and selling your home.

Our team of attorneys, brokers, investors, bankers and marketers help save our customers over $14,000 on average.

The Old Way.

In a typical real estate transaction, 3% of the home selling price goes to the listing agent and 3% to the buying agent. For a home that sells for $350,000 that’s $21,000 split between real estate agents.

That's a lot of money!

The RE360, Inc. Way.

RE360, Inc. combines input from our team of experts to provide a dramatic savings when buying and selling your home.

Our #1 priority is customer service. We stick by our customers from start (listing) to finish (closing of escrow). We pride ourselves on providing an easy-to-understand process. We're always just a phone call away.

List your home on our site FREE and put your home in front of! We will actively promote your home listing online...sign up takes less than 5 minutes.

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If you are like most, your home is your largest asset. We do not take that fact lightly. Contact us now and we will setup a custom plan, walk you through the process and explain all the details.

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